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Cultural Train

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Cultural Train
Cultural Train  Bild: Andreas Rathmanner

Kamptal [ENA] Cultural train is a very special experience which brings together beautiful landscape of the Kamptal, nostalgic atmosphere of the historical train and colourful cultural program involving various kinds of arts such as signing, dancing, poetry and many others.

The cultural train starts from Krems an der Donau and goes through fascinating landscape of wine mountains. The locomotive from the 70-ies with historical wagons from the 60-ies provides comfortable driving. While looking out of the window the visitors can also enjoy colourful cultural program as artists are coming to each wagon with different performances. The train goes through some of the most beautiful cities including Langenlois, Plank am Kamp, Gars am Kamp and Horn.

While being in the train the visitors can enjoy five different performances of various artists, including artists Bodo Hell, Aliosha Biz, Daniel Romstorfer, Litha and Raja Schwahn-Reichmann. Bodo Hell has been one of the big names on the Austrian literary scene for decades. The prose author and poet has received numerous awards, including the Rauris Literature Prize and the Erich Fried Prize. Most recently he received the great art prize of the state of Salzburg. The cabaret artist and violinist Aliosha Biz is a co-founder of the legendary formation Dobrek Bistro and shows excerpts from his program "Der Fiddler ohne Ruf" on the train.

Daniel Romstorfer is a chef, drummer and magician. He is a member of the Vienna Magic Cercle and specialises in the field of micro magic, also known as close up or table magic. Curious about a demanding voice, electronic beats and a low-hanging bass? Lisa Burger from Litha together with her two friends shows how good she is at it. Raja Schwahn-Reichmann, a visual artist and a friend of the famous Austrian poet Elfriede Gerstl, has cultural and historical interest in clothing which she is presenting in a fashion show. The show includes clothes of Elfriede Gerstl and is organised with support from daughter and granddaughter of the poet.

In her well-known book "Clothes Flight" the poet Elfriede Gerstl described in her lively, playful way personal turning points of time based on the fashions and garments that appeared and disappeared again. "Something has to go, so that something goes on!" is a motto of Elfriede Gerstl. Raja Schwahn-Reichmann gives us insights into life of Elfriede as a hidden Jewish girl, as a poet living in Vienna and Berlin in the 1960s and 1970s, as a collector of contemporary textile witnesses.

The visitors of the train have also an opportunity to enjoy concerts when the train stops in wonderful cities of the Kamptal. Several artists with various performances are waiting at various stations of the train. For example, Metaffa Tanztheater presents contemporary dance theater on socially relevant topics, as shown here by the artistic perspective on the subject of water and travel. In each city the cultural train is welcomed by the citizen. In some cities food and wine which is typical for this region is also provided. For example, in Langenlois there is an opportunity to taste the delicious wine from the Kamptal region. In Gars am Kamp there are tasty canapes decorated with flowers.

At the final station the visitors enjoy the concert of the Kommuna Lux group which comes from Odessa. The group sings in Ukrainian, Russian and Yiddish in the style of Odessa Gangsta Folk which is a vibrant mixture of klezmer music and rousing crook songs from their homeland. “People come together in Odessa – they laugh and sing.” says an old couplet – Kommuna Lux prove that this is true! There is another opportunity to join the train which starts on the 20th of May again from the train station of Krems at 15.15. More information is available at

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