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The Land of Smiles

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Keisuke Nejime and Mila Schmidt
Keisuke Nejime and Mila Schmidt   Bild: Barbara Palffy

Langenlois [ENA] The year 2023 is a very special for the beautiful Austrian city Langenlois. During this year a very unique masterpiece which was not performed for the last 17 years will be shown. This is operetta The Land of Smiles which was written by Franz Lehár.

Franz Lehár was a renowned Austro-Hungarian composer and conductor, best known for his contributions to operetta. Born on April 30, 1870, in Komárom, Austria-Hungary (now Komárno, Slovakia), Lehár's music enchanted audiences around the world and continues to be celebrated for its infectious melodies and captivating storytelling. Lehár's music often featured elements of Viennese waltz and Hungarian folk music, blending them seamlessly with his own melodic inventiveness. His compositions had a way of resonating with audiences, evoking a wide range of emotions, from lighthearted joy to poignant longing. His ability to capture the essence of the human experience through music contributed to his enduring popularity.

Throughout his career, Lehár received numerous accolades and honors for his contributions to music. His works continue to be performed and cherished by opera companies, orchestras, and theaters worldwide. Lehár's legacy lives on, reminding us of the enduring power of his melodies and the joy he brought to audiences during the golden age of operetta. His contributions to the world of music, particularly operetta, have left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape, ensuring that his enchanting melodies will continue to captivate generations to come.

"The Land of Smiles" (Das Land des Lächelns) is an operetta composed by Franz Lehár, with the libretto written by Ludwig Herzer and Fritz Löhner-Beda. First performed in 1929, it quickly became one of Lehár's most beloved works, renowned for its beautiful melodies, lush orchestrations, and poignant storyline. "The Land of Smiles" tells the story of Lisa, a Viennese woman, and her ill-fated love affair with Prince Sou-Chong, a Chinese diplomat. The operetta explores themes of love, cultural differences, and the sacrifices one must make in pursuit of happiness.

Set against the backdrop of both Vienna and China, the operetta begins with Lisa's joyful anticipation of her impending marriage to Sou-Chong. However, their cultural differences and the demands of Sou-Chong's position soon strain their relationship. Lisa's longing for her Viennese home and her desire for her husband's love become central conflicts in the storyline. The operetta is filled with memorable musical numbers that have become enduring classics. The most famous of these is the aria "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" ("Yours is my whole heart"), a soaring and passionate melody that showcases Lehár's gift for crafting captivating tunes. This iconic aria has been recorded and performed by numerous renowned artists over the years.

In addition to the beloved arias, "The Land of Smiles" also features charming duets, lively ensemble numbers, and intricate choral pieces. Lehár's orchestration skillfully blends Viennese waltzes with Chinese-inspired motifs, creating a rich and evocative musical tapestry that transports the audience into the world of the operetta. "The Land of Smiles" combines elements of romance, comedy, and tragedy, ultimately exploring the themes of love, sacrifice, and the clash of cultures. The operetta showcases Lehár's ability to seamlessly blend light-hearted and joyful moments with poignant and deeply emotional scenes. It captures the complexity of human relationships and the bittersweet nature of love.

Since its premiere, "The Land of Smiles" has been performed worldwide and has enjoyed enduring popularity. Its universal themes and beautiful melodies continue to captivate audiences, solidifying its place as one of the most treasured operettas in the repertoire. "The Land of Smiles" stands as a testament to Franz Lehár's mastery of the operetta form and his ability to create music that resonates deeply with listeners. Its enchanting melodies, combined with a compelling storyline, make it a perennial favorite among both performers and audiences, ensuring its place as a cherished gem of the operetta genre.

The music director of the operetta Lorenz C. Aichner and the choreograph Florian Hurler made the operetta The Land of Smiles a really unforgettable experience. The roles are performed by Jörg Schneider, David Jagodic, Cornelia Horak, Mila Schmidt, Keisuke Nejime, Jakob Semotan, Juliette Khalil, Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz and Benjamin Oeser. The operetta takes place from the 20 of July to the 5th of August in front of the beautiful castle Haindorf. Further information is available at:

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